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Same Sex Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Accusations of domestic violence can occur in any intimate relationship, including those involving same sex couples. As in any relationship, domestic violence among same sex partners is a serious matter, especially for those accused of a crime which may result in imprisonment or long-term probation. If you have been charged with a crime related to domestic violence in a same sex relationship, it is important that you contact our firm to schedule a confidential consultation about your case.

Our domestic violence defense attorneys are aware of the prejudicial personal attitudes by law enforcement personnel and others against same sex domestic partners, more especially so in domestic violence cases. Your case will be handled with the same sensitivity and care as any other case we handle. Our law firm provides aggressive and diligent representation to all individuals facing charges of domestic violence, regardless of their sexual orientation or the nature of their intimate relationships.

Domestic Violence in Same Sex Relationships

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Washington, D.C., domestic violence becomes an issue in at least one out of four gay and lesbian relationships in this country. Domestic violence cases often result in restraining orders issued against the alleged offender as well as criminal charges. When these restraining orders or charges are frivolous, false, or exaggerated claims, the accused must fight them with the assistance of a defense lawyer. That is the service our firm provides to all clients in the Los Angeles area. We urge you to consult with us about the charges or allegations brought against you so that we may design a defense strategy on your behalf.

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