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Restraining Orders and Violations

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

The purpose of a domestic violence restraining order is to protect a victim of domestic violence or abuse from further abuse. It is a civil court order signed by a judge providing civil legal protection for the victim, whether female or male. A restraining order prohibits the restrained person from contacting or approaching his or her partner, either at home, work, or elsewhere either directly or indirectly. A restraining order may also order the restrained person to stay away from the couple's children or pets, prohibit him or her from owning a firearm, order spousal and child support, pay for any expenses incurred from former abuse, such as medical or dental bills, and order the restrained person to attend a batterer's treatment program.

If you believe a restraining order is being ordered against you, it is important to seek qualified legal representation. Contact our firm as soon as possible. Our legal team has extensive experience handling all matters concerning restraining orders in domestic violence defense cases. If you are in violation of a domestic violence restraining order, you will also require skilled legal representation which our firm can provide. Violation of a domestic violence restraining order constitutes a crime for which you may be arrested.

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You may be named in an emergency restraining order, a temporary order, or a permanent order. A judge decides, based on information given him by the victim, whether to issue a restraining order and how soon to do so. Restraining orders can be issued within one business day if so decided.

A lawyer from our firm can represent you in a hearing in which a judge will decide whether to issue a restraining order against you or in any case in which you have been accused of violating a restraining order. We focus on aggressive and tenacious defense of all of our clients facing any charges connected with domestic violence.

Do you need legal assistance fighting a restraining order or a violation charge? Contact our firm today!

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