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Pre-Filing Representation

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

If you are suspected of a crime of domestic violence in the Los Angeles area, it is vital that you secure the services of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately, before charges have been filed against you. It may be possible, with the assistance of your attorney, to avoid such charges altogether. That is why we recommend that you contact our firm as soon as you are aware that you are under suspicion or a police investigation for a case of domestic violence.

Our attorneys have 50 years of combined case and courtroom experience in criminal law in southern California. Our firm focuses exclusively on criminal cases. Our law partners are former senior prosecutors, a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the California State Bar, and a law professor. Our experience and career focus makes us a leading defense team for domestic violence cases of all kinds. As a law firm rated in the top 5% of all U.S. firms, we can provide aggressive and thorough representation to all of our clients.

We Can Help in the Pre-Filing Stage

Our attorneys have achieved effective and successful results for clients during the initial stages of a police investigation. We are highly respected with judges, prosecutors, and other court professionals, making it possible to work with them on your behalf. Because we have our own on-site investigator, we can conduct our own objective and very thorough investigation into the facts of your case. In some cases, if we are involved early enough, we may be able to get charges reduced, resolved, or even dismissed.

Once the police have been called into a domestic violence incident, it is no longer a family matter but a criminal matter. The police must file a report and the case is generally turned over to the district attorney's office for the potential filing of charges. It is during this time, immediately following a police report, that you should seek legal representation by calling our firm to schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible. Police reports can be very one-sided and we can gather additional information about you and your case to work against that. With a pre-filing intervention, we can provide information to the prosecutor on your behalf before he files charges against you.

For legal assistance with pre-filing representation in a domestic violence case, contact our firm today!

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