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Are you facing potential criminal charges related to domestic violence in the greater Los Angeles area? Are you being investigated for a domestic violence crime or have you been arrested and charged? If so, it is extremely important that you consult with a attorney at our firm as soon as possible. The consequences of being charged with a domestic violence crime can be devastating to both you and your family. You face the possibility of jail time, fines, restitution, court-ordered counseling, community service, a restraining order which may prevent you from entering your own home or residence and barring you from contact with your children. A lawyer on our team can begin immediately working on your defense to minimize the negative effects of a potential criminal conviction.

Our legal team consists of a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the California State Bar, former senior trial prosecutors, a former District Attorney, and a notable Law Professor at UCLA and Pepperdine University. Our firm has more than 50 years of experience handling criminal defense cases; we do nothing else. This extensive experience and our honed legal skills will be put to use in your defense immediately. The earlier you retain the services of our firm, the sooner we can begin to investigate your case, present favorable evidence on your behalf with the prosecution and begin constructing an effective defense plan. Our legal team is a well-known, well-respected legal professional with proven results in this field.

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Contact our firm today if you have been arrested for or are being investigated for a domestic violence crime in greater Los Angeles.

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